How Sweet it is...

To be visited by you! Welcome to our website. Taylor Made, The James Taylor Tribute Band, consists of a group of musicians who are dedicated to bringing the uplifting, soulful and memorable sounds of the legendary singer-songwriter to be enjoyed in any setting.

Paying close attention to the details of each song, we have crafted a sound that captures the live and recorded experience of listening to James Taylor in concert. The next best thing to JT himself! Please browse our website and enjoy!



Stephen Bock -Lead Vocals / Guitar

Born and raised in Los Angeles (the ‘Valley’ to be exact), Stephen Bock has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old. The inspiration for his desire to pick up the instrument: hearing James Taylor’s Fire and Rain. He was so moved and amazed by the incredible sound the acoustic guitar could make, he spent the next several years sitting in solitary confinement in his bedroom with a guitar on his lap and a record player (remember those?) on his shelf, learning the playing style of James Taylor. Through the years he has performed in many of LA’s premiere clubs and has fronted several bands, both cover and original. He was honored with two original composition awards in the 2004 USA Songwriting competition. He is thrilled to have found 5 other incredible musicians who share his love of JT’s music and passion for playing it.


Preston Gould - Trumpet / Flugelhorn / Percussion / Vocals

Preston began playing the trumpet shortly before his birth in Skokie Illinois, and continued throughout junior high, high school and college, where he played in the University of Illinois jazz band. Coming to Los Angeles in 1975 to thaw out, Preston played jazz along with a stint in a blues band. For 12 years he played guitar, sang and recorded four CD’s in the duo “Clean & Jerk”. Preston is now regarded as one of the areas foremost, carbon-based trumpet and flugelhorn players. Whether jazz, blues or soft rock, he looks forward to entertaining similar carbon-based entities in the near future.


Stephanie Bergman - Vocals

Stephanie has been singing since early childhood but was very quiet about it. It wasn’t until her parents heard her sing in a production of “Annie” in the 5th grade and were so surprised by her talent, that they signed her up for singing lessons. She has been singing with different bands since the age of 15 all over Los Angeles and Orange County. She is excited to have been brought together with Taylor Made band and to continue on this journey with them!


Clark Pardee - Drums

Clark grew up in a family of musicians. His earliest recollection of the drums was of his father setting up his old set in their house in the suburbs of Detroit. Once old enough to take lessons, Clark started studying in the school bands and orchestras. This, coupled with his father taking him to see some the instrument’s greatest players (Krupa, Rich, Jo Jones), would seem to pretty much guarantee a music “lifer.” Clark has played, recorded and toured on both coasts and a few states in between. After taking some time off from music, salvation appeared at a friend’s birthday party – an impromptu jam that found Clark sitting behind a drum kit again. That was all it took (well that and a very supportive wife) – and he is playing with the same love and enthusiasm that he’s always felt for music. “There’s just nothing like the sheer joy one feels creating music with like-minded musicians.”


Derek Phillips - Keyboards / Vocalist

Derek grew up in Los Angeles with a family in the music business, from a grand father who wrote “I’ll Be Seeing You”, “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”, and other Tin Pan Alley era songs, to an uncle who wrote the themes and composed the background music to “Battlestar Galactica”, “Knight Rider”, “Buck Rodgers”, “Quincy” and many others. Derek graduated Berklee College Of Music with a Bachelor of Arts degree in performance and composition, and subsequently performed at piano bars (playing such audience requests such as “Piano Man” and “Theme From Cheers” over and over again) before coming back to Los Angeles playing in various bands and studio session work. Some of his songs have been placed in a few movies and TV shows, and he fronted a band that was featured in the EAT’M (Emerging Artists and Talent in Music) music conference in Las Vegas where his band opened for then unsigned artists Maroon 5 and Michelle Branch among others.